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Zaffron Oil Mills is a leading oil manufacturer of edible oils based in Pampore Jammu & Kashmir. We made market wide range cooking and baking mediums and other specially fats under the flagship brand name King Anar, Barkat and Kong Posh. All our products prepared under the strict supervision of qualified professionals to ensure the highest quality standards. we are an AGMARK certified and take pride in making products that consistently exceed customer expectations.
Our Aim: Our aim is to reach every kitchen in Jammu and Kashmir and meet the consumer’s high expectation by providing them the ideal mix of wholesome, high quality products that enriches their daily consumption.
Our Mission: Zaffron Oil Mills ethos of “Balanced Life Balanced Diet” is reflected in every step of production, quality, supply chain, sales and marketing functions where we strive to innovate and bring the best quality brands to consumers across kashmir.s.
History:  Zaffron Oil Mills was established in the year 1993 with the brand name of “Anar”. The foundation stone was laid by the Peer nizam Ud Din Masoodi and Late Gulzar Ahmad Masoodi.
Over the last few years, Zaffron Oil Mills has proven to be admired across Kashmir due to its wide variety of products, constant innovation, highly attractive packaging formats, suitable prices for every consumer segment and memorable advertising.
The “King Anar” and Kong Posh brand was launched in 2000 while Barkat brand was launched in 2004 with an aim to provide best quality edible oil of highest standards and purity to the customers in the region.

Zaikay ka badshah King Anar


Attainment of distinction in food and health


Being in the kitchen and on the shelves of every house in every city

The Generation

Commandeering the upbringing of a healthier generation of Kashmir

زعفران آئل ملز

زعفران آئل مل ، کشمیر میں واقع خوردنی تیل اور حقائق کی ایک معروف تیاری ہے۔ ہم کھانا پکانے اور بیکنگ میڈیم اور دیگر خاصیت کی ایک وسیع رینج بناتے اور مارکیٹ کرتے ہیں۔ زیکا اور کینولیو کے فلیگ شپ برانڈ نام کے تحت کی سخت نگرانی میں تیار کی جاتی AGMARK -چربی۔ ہماری تمام پروڈکٹ ہیں تاکہ اعلیٰ معیار کے معیار کو یقینی بنایا جا سکے۔ ہم ایک آئی اور ایچ اے سی سی پی مصدقہ کمپنی ہیں اور ایسی مصنوعات AGMARK بنانے میں فخر محسوس کرتے ہیں جو گاہکوں کی توقعات سے مسلسل بڑھتی ہیں۔

ہمارا مقصد خوردنی تیل اور چربی اور صابن کی مصنوعات کی ترقی اور مارکیٹنگ میں عمدہ کارکردگی حاصل کن کار تاک صافین کی اطمینان کوہیں۔

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